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Organic Wool-Filled Comforters are the Best

Friday, June 11th, 2010

A few months ago,  I learned how amazing Organic Wool-Filled Comforters are and I only wish I had known sooner!  They are so soft on the outside because they are covered with the softest 100% certified organic cotton sateen woven in 300 thread count. YUMMY. Then, they are filled with 100% certified organic fine merino wool. This kind of wool helps regulate your body temperature faster, which makes you sleeper longer and better. Yeah! I really needed that. Who knew that wool is really fire resistant? It’s particular structure makes it able to absorb moisture more efficiently. Then, it just gets better: dust mites, mold, mildew and bacteria hate wool! They can’t get their icky bodies through the ‘complex’ 3-dimensional dry wool fibers. I have been using the wool-filled pillow to sleep on for the past few months, and I have never slept better. The pillow is just the right firm/soft that I like and it keeps its shape so no more sore neck. The comforter I have is so delicious and my sister used it when she was staying with me recently and went nuts for it and told me she had never slept better either! How can that be? Apparently people have been sleeping on wool for thousands of years, especially in the hottest climates (hello SoCal). I am thrilled to offer the pillow and three different size comforters on my site

Organic Wool-Filled Cotton Comforter

Close up of Organic Wool-Filled Cotton Comforter

Priscilla's Organic Wool-Filled Cotton Pillow