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Kings and Queens of the butterfly kingdom

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

I just had the most magical experience! In a forest outside Santa Barbara, California, I saw Eucalyptus trees dripping with clusters of hundreds of Monarch Butterflies. If they weren’t huddled in many teaming clusters, they were fluttering around overheard, warming their orange and black wings that were sparkling in the afternoon sunlight. So beautiful!

Found on the forest floor

It was wonderful to be able to walk on such biologically rich land that has been preserved and protected in such a way that these exquisite creatures can breed in peace before they migrate, the same they have been doing for hundreds of years in the natural rhythm of nature.

Did you know…that a female Monarch lays 700 eggs, and which she deposits one at a time on the bottom of the leaf of a milkweed. The eggs are glued on with a paste and a special scent that says to other Monarchs: “No Vacancy.”

Long shot of a cluster of Monarchs

If you are interested in learning more Monarch Butterfly facts:

Nature is amazing.