Satsuma Tangerine Candle

My daughter Lucie sent me the information on how to make my own Satsuma candle at home. Thank you Lucie :) This is very easy to make and so lovely, besides being inexpensive and all natural/non-toxic. I bought  four thick skinned Satsumas, even though I only needed one, just in case I made a mistake. All you need  to make this candle is a small serrated knife, a small spoon, matches and olive oil.

You will need to make a cut about a 1/3 down from the opposite end of the stem. You need to keep the stem side intact because it holds the wick. The wick is very important…

Tangerine cut 1/3 down…and carefully remove the skin


Using a small spoon, gently pry the fruit from the skin, working your wall slowly around the inside and being careful to keep the middle stem intact because this will be your wick.


Add a little bit of olive to the inside, about 1 to 2 tbsp, keeping the wick from being covered up in oil.


Here is the beautiful, all natural, clean burning candle you will be in awe of because it’s so gorgeous and amazing.

Note: The olive oil might leave a mark where you set your candle down, so be mindful where you put it. I put mine in a small dish…

4 Responses to “Satsuma Tangerine Candle”

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  2. FranT says:

    wow this is a wonderful idea. I really like your blog and all of the terrific photos on the past few posts. I’ll be back :) Take care, FranT

  3. Fred Harvey says:

    Very nice. thanks. is the aroma wonderful?

  4. pwoolworth says:

    Hello Fred-It’s the beautiful ambiance it creates that I love, as there is little to no aroma.-Priscilla

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