RePurposing Knee High Stockings


For years, I’ve been tying back my gorgeous climbing wisteria on my pergolas with all manner of string, but recently, I found a much better way of securing those same vines: old knee high stockings. Cleaning out my sock drawer recently, I came across these sad socks with runs in them, which turns out make the best ties for the wisteria, which have tender vines to start when they first start growing. The sock does for the plant what string cannot-it not only doesn’t cut into the bark but it also stretches allowing the vine to grow.

Not throwing the socks into the trash, does make a difference in reducing the monumental amount of waste in our dumps as these socks aren’t remotely biodegradable and will be around forever. Rather good for garden ties, because those knee highs will be used over and over again.

2 of my stash of old knee high’s


All tied up


The socks may be permanent fixtures, if the wisteria needs ongoing support…



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