Solar Panels Rock!

Finally, I have Solar Panels on my house! It’s just grand, marvelous and absolutely fantastic! It’s taken me years to find the right company and Real Goods Solar has done such an amazing job. I’m chuffed that I rented the solar panels, so it hasn’t cost me anything to have them installed. The way it works is that Real Goods Solar gets the tax credit and rebates, which I would have received if I had bought the panels. As soon as my local utility provider ( LADWP) signs off on my system, I’ll start saving money because my rate will be locked in, which is especially good because LADWP is planning on raising their rates about 6% a year over the next few years. Feels so good that I’m going to be getting energy from the sun and sharing the energy I produce with my neighbors (courtesy of our utility provider). Happy times.


Roof prep


Solar panels rock


more roof prep


Almost done…and I reckon I’ll need to trim that big tree back to get the optimum amount of sun.


Hip hip hooray!



























2 Responses to “Solar Panels Rock!”

  1. cynthia says:

    Hi, Priscilla-

    Did you have to sign a 20-year contract? We almost did this but my husband balked at such a long lease commitment…

  2. pwoolworth says:

    Hi Cynthia-I signed a 20-year contract. I’m not sure if I will be living in my house for that long, however, every year, my savings increase so what is there to lose? If I do move, some lucky family will inherit the solar panels + all the savings. Cheers-PW

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