Many years ago, I went to boarding school in the countryside about an hour from London and ever since then, I have had a tremendous affection for London/England. I’m always happy to visit, even if it’s a brief one like this last trip. I did manage to squeeze in a delicious lunch at the Daylesford organic restaurant in Knotting Hill, stopped by some of my favorite stores like Labour and Wait, Summerhill and Bishop and EGG and even spotted some of my own products ¬†at a friend’s home, which was fabulous to see.

The bed where I slept

Daylesford Organic restaurant in Knotting Hill is fantastic in so many ways, and one of them being they donate their surplus food to three charities for the homeless.

Organic carrots from the Daylesford farm in Gloustershire

Labour and Wait in Spitalfields is a wonderful home and lifestyle general store

Labour and Wait: Hemp super strong string

Summerhill and Bishop is a gorgeous home and lifestyle store.

Love these tablecloths from Summerhill and Bishop

The store EGG is magical

EGG’S natural blankets

Spotted: One Burlap Plastic Bag holder at my friend’s home. Made me so proud!

Also spotted at the same home: Recycling stickers…Looking good!

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