I see the future of packaging: Seventh Generation and partner Ecologic. They are introducing cutting-edge advancement in the art of sustainable product packaging: a new liquid detergent bottle made from 100 percent recycled cardboard and newspaper. Seventh Generation’s Natural 4X laundry detergent bottle has a fully-recyclable and compostable outer shell made from 70 percent recycled cardboard fibers and 30 percent old newspaper fibers that supports a recyclable lightweight plastic pouch inside. The new bottle can be upcycled into new packaging that’s recycled yet again up to seven times!

The recyclable lightweight plastic pouch inside the bottle containing the latest laundry detergent is twice as concentrated, getting you 66 loads of laundry now from one bottle. Did you know…3 tons of cardboard waste is generated by tradeshows like the one I just went to a few weeks ago. Seventh Generation, in partnership with Ecologic is recycling all of it and that is how it should be across the board.


My photo of the coolest packaging I have seen for laundry detergent!



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2 Responses to “ECO FESTIVAL NEWS”

  1. Krista says:

    Where can you buy this?

  2. pwoolworth says:

    In the next few months at Whole Foods and other stores that carry Seventh Generation.

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