Collecting Flower Seeds

I have always loved collecting flower seeds, ever since I was a little girl. I spent my summers in Maine, and I often enjoyed the simple pleasure of  getting lost in my grandmother’s flower gardens, with a bucket in one hand, snapping off dried seed pods and dropping them carefully in so as not to startle the pods to pop open and scatter their seed. These are treasured moments for me. When I had children, I would bring them with me and together, we would carefully go through the ritual, and always mindful not to pick more than we needed.

My favorite flowers to harvest seeds from are:








What are yours?

After I harvest the seeds, I spread them out on a large piece of wax paper over a tray, to check for tiny bugs. I leave the seeds out for at least 8 hours to make sure they are really dry before I store them in small paper envelopes in an air tight jar.  You can either sow them in your garden the following year or give them away as presents to your friends and family.

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