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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Just went to an Art Fair in NYC and saw a few pieces that were really wonderful, especially the ones made with recycled materials. I also came across The Envelope Project, envelopes decorated by inmates at prisons and jails from several states, and 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Read alliance, a New York based nonprofit serving at-risk kindergarten and first-grade students. They


Haitian piece made with recycled cans


The Envelope Project




The Envelope Project-The one envelope I really hoped to buy was already spoken for


Haitian piece made with salvaged wood



Love the name of this artist, translates as : Albert Beautifulspeaking

Super cool elephant  head sculpture made out of aluminum foil



Sunday, November 27th, 2011

The holiday season is upon us and to get in the mood, I love looking at cool alternative, attractive and simple decorations, made using natural or repurposed materials…Enjoy



N A T U R A L    C O T T O N    W R E A T H

S T I C K S        S T A R S          C A N D L E S

I T ‘ S     C H R I S T M A S

D R I E D    O R A N G E   P E E LS  AND   C A N D L E S

S I L V E R    M E T A L   B I R D   F E E D E R

Cool Art Project

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I have been burning photo CD’s for friends for years and have made more music CD compilations than I can count. For a while, I could only find CD covers that either broke easily or others that wouldn’t stay closed; a disaster either way.  Next I came across paper ones, that are ok but flimsy, and then more recently I found plain kraft paper type ones, that are made from recycled paper, my favorite kind. They are thick and sturdy, easy to slide a CD into, and one of the coolest features is you can personalize the covers yourself. Think what a fabulous and cool art project this could be for kids to do at school or home. It would make such a creative, artistic and special gift. They are inexpensive and a true eco gift, since the CD was made from recycled paper.  Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what you can do and how great they can look. You can find these CD covers in my store







Fabulous Valentines Crayon Hearts

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

I did a project like this with my daughters years ago, and it came out so well. Unfortunately,  I wasn’t the full-on documentarian that I am now, so I never took photos or wrote anything down about the making of these hearts. I did come across the same project in Martha Stewart, and I could not have explained how to make the Valentine Crayon Hearts better myself. And the photo of all the Hearts hung up by a window is just divine. It’s one of those easy art projects, that don’t cost very much, and the result is so sweet.

What you do need for it:
12 ” by 16 ” sheet of waxed paper
Red/Pink/Orange crayons
A pencil sharpener
An Iron
Different size Heart shaped cookie cutters, if you need help tracing a clean line.
Pair of scissors.
Silk thread for hanging them up or very fine pink or red ribbons.

See these actual directions, which also include 2 helpful images of the works in progress.

I am adding this super cool image of Paper Hearts I found in one of my secret resources (hint: European magazine)  I read every month. I think it’s stunning and looks like a work of art. I also love that it’s made with paper, that could even possibly be of the recycled kind, my most favorite, because of the “used” look of it, all crinkles and wrinkles. I haven’t attempted to make one of these, but if any of you do, I would love it if you sent me an image of what you made and I’ll post it on my blog, if it gets the PW stamp of approval!

A Tree hugger at Tree People

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Last year, I was so thrilled to be invited to the opening ceremony of the newly redone Tree People public use area located in Los Anegles. What got the most attention was the large catch basin they built, for saving and then reusing rainwater, a vital infrastructure improvement for the parched Los Angeles area. The trees in the Tree People trails that so many of us enjoy walking by, are therefore kept happy and healthy from this saved water, which is trickled down to these trees as needed.

Recently, I was there hiking with my dog Leroy, and we came upon the remains of a party/event that had taken place there the night before. As all the tables and chairs were being folded and carried away, what had not been dismantled yet, were some clever “Repurposed installations”, using found objects or recycling others for a useful purpose. Shovels were lined up, to create a temporary fence and in another spot,  pvc type pipes were cut and made into a chandelier, hung artfully overhead with LED fairy lights, which must have been a lovely at night.

Repurposed plastic piping as lamp

Repurposed shovels as fence