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Priscilla Woolworth in Maine
Priscilla Woolworth - France
Priscilla Woolworth in Maine

Like just about everyone else, I do, from time to time, sit back and look at my life and ask, “how did I get here, where I am today?” All that happens in our lives-our upbringing, children, the people we come across, the pains and pleasures we go through and most importantly, our discoveries and being able to look inward and at the world around us – are what shape who we are and lead us to where we are right now.

Mine has been a long and amazing journey, from growing up in the south of France to summering in Maine as a child and now to the recent launch of priscillawoolworth.com, my on-line eco friendly general store. My own discoveries along the way have empowered me to launch this on-line store and live my passion for nature, a healthier planet and doing what I can from my corner of the world to support women’s cooperatives and empower those who are so often the victims of very challenging circumstances.

Here in my blog, I will share my own journey and passions and how priscillawoolworth.com came about. There are so many great stories out there about others’ journeys, and so many critical environmental and humanitarian issues facing us now. I hope that here we can build a community of voices learning from and helping each other.

- Priscilla