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Earth Day Weekend April 22-2012

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

This past weekend, I paid a visit to Sunland Water Gardens, a fish pond supplier where you can buy double decker pond kits for raising Tilapia on the bottom part and vegetables in floating gardens on the upper part, which are being constantly hydrated and nourished by the fish waste. I think this is such a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to get one of these for myself ! At the very least, you know where your fish and vegetables come from:)

I came up with an Earth Friendly way to drink my favorite on-the-go morning green shake by pouring it into re-purposed glass jars. The recipe is the same one I featured in my March Almanac http::// I’ve changed it slightly by using unsweetened Almond milk, which is almost half the calories of the regular one and I don’t freeze the bananas either. I also ran out of dates the other day, and used a teaspoon of 100% raw Manuka honey instead, which tasted great. I couldn’t believe I was drinking out of a large glass jar but it worked perfectly.


I went on the most wonderful wilderness hike I have been on in long time…

There were birds everywhere, bees buzzing around the wildflowers, ground squirrels and rabbits running across the path, ducks, bullfrogs and butterflies… It was magical.

Saw an example of why nature never ceases to amaze me: An acorn tree, created by an Acorn Woodpecker, which drills holes in dead trees, dead branches or even old telephone poles, to create a granary for collecting their acorns. When the acorns are collected, the woodpecker finds the hole that’s just the right size for the acorn, and as they dry out, they are moved to smaller holes. So clever.


On my way home, stopped by my local farmer’s market and stocked up on all sorts of organic vegetables and fruit and had a lovely lunch in my garden. I love celebrating how beautiful and amazing our planet earth is by caring for it all the while I’m enjoying being part of it.