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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

I was recently in the south of France, spending time with my beloved grandmother of 93 and visiting some of the places where I grew up. The years I spent there have had a huge impact on me and my life and still inspires my work, my aesthetic and my lifestyle.

My grandparents house at the foot of St Paul de Vence where I spent a lot of time and loved it

The absolute classic french car

Where I took my grandmother for lunch-We had a delightful time together

Pretty menu from La Colombe D’Or

My grandmother and I leaving the restaurant, and I am holding my very favorite blue market bag. It comes everywhere with me!

The national flower of this part of the south of France: Mimosa, which was at it’s peak when I was there. I was so lucky to see them in bloom.


I’d forgotten about all the lovely fountains in the villages

The streets are charmingly narrow in the old villages



Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Many years ago, I went to boarding school in the countryside about an hour from London and ever since then, I have had a tremendous affection for London/England. I’m always happy to visit, even if it’s a brief one like this last trip. I did manage to squeeze in a delicious lunch at the Daylesford organic restaurant in Knotting Hill, stopped by some of my favorite stores like Labour and Wait, Summerhill and Bishop and EGG and even spotted some of my own products  at a friend’s home, which was fabulous to see.

The bed where I slept

Daylesford Organic restaurant in Knotting Hill is fantastic in so many ways, and one of them being they donate their surplus food to three charities for the homeless.

Organic carrots from the Daylesford farm in Gloustershire

Labour and Wait in Spitalfields is a wonderful home and lifestyle general store

Labour and Wait: Hemp super strong string

Summerhill and Bishop is a gorgeous home and lifestyle store.

Love these tablecloths from Summerhill and Bishop

The store EGG is magical

EGG’S natural blankets

Spotted: One Burlap Plastic Bag holder at my friend’s home. Made me so proud!

Also spotted at the same home: Recycling stickers…Looking good!


Monday, February 13th, 2012


We are not alone when we live from a place in the heart

Painted Heart by John Baldessari, seen in Los Angeles…


Wood Hearts seen at the lovely Livia Firth’s store near London, Eco Age…


LED Heart Created and shot at my home studio using LED lights from my store…


Metal Heart  from Mexico…



French Heart art project….


LOVE created in my home studio…


Crazy Love shot at my home studio…


One is not loved accidently, one’s own power to love produces love

-Eric Fromm-

Satsuma Tangerine Candle

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

My daughter Lucie sent me the information on how to make my own Satsuma candle at home. Thank you Lucie :) This is very easy to make and so lovely, besides being inexpensive and all natural/non-toxic. I bought  four thick skinned Satsumas, even though I only needed one, just in case I made a mistake. All you need  to make this candle is a small serrated knife, a small spoon, matches and olive oil.

You will need to make a cut about a 1/3 down from the opposite end of the stem. You need to keep the stem side intact because it holds the wick. The wick is very important…

Tangerine cut 1/3 down…and carefully remove the skin


Using a small spoon, gently pry the fruit from the skin, working your wall slowly around the inside and being careful to keep the middle stem intact because this will be your wick.


Add a little bit of olive to the inside, about 1 to 2 tbsp, keeping the wick from being covered up in oil.


Here is the beautiful, all natural, clean burning candle you will be in awe of because it’s so gorgeous and amazing.

Note: The olive oil might leave a mark where you set your candle down, so be mindful where you put it. I put mine in a small dish…