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Patience Pleasantly Pays Off

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Not being of the patient type when I was younger, I want to believe that I have grown into an appreciation for the wisdom of it. Therefore, in that spirit, I felt it was best to wait until a few days ago, to put up a category on my site that shows the products that I design, all a whopping 13 of them. A Priscilla Woolworth Design is the category I am so pleased about, because all the products I offer on it I use and they are really fabulous, honestly. I wouldn’t use anything that wasn’t great, nor would I ever offer it on my site.

Several of these products in fact, I use everyday and even bring with me when I travel, such as the market bags. They really are wonderful and I am so happy with the way they turned out. I designed them to fit my lifestyle and they have performed beyond my expectations. One of them in particular is especially brilliant, though more expensive than the others, due to the costly material, which is made from recycled plastic and somehow made into a soft black mock suede that is so strong that I have carried very heavy things in it and it’s still as good as new, from 3 years now of constant use and many washings.

The other one I use as well every day, because I go to the market daily to buy the freshest produce I can find, are the produce bags. I am anti plastic bags and am so relieved that I have an alternative that is so cool looking, sturdy and useful. When I was in Maine a few summers ago, I bought a whole pile of these vintage feed bags. I really liked the material and writing on it but wasn’t sure what to do with them. Making pillows from them was out of the question, so I just sat on them for a while until I patiently waited for inspiration to strike me. And it did and has over and over again, for other products I make. I am drawn to ways I can reuse materials, keep them out of the huge landfills and create a whole new purpose for them that is very useful. So, be patient with me and you will be rewarded with many new products I have in the works this year, which I honestly can’t wait to use myself.

The vegetable garden lives and gives

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The vegetable garden lives and gives

It’s been two and half months since I checked in and gave an update on my vegetable garden. I skipped over the in between part and cut straight to the after, which is really more interesting, so I have included one shot of my lettuce bed, which I will be picking from for a salad I will be making for a dinner party I am having this weekend. And the other vegetable which has been a great source of pride are my radishes. I unfortunately ate the larger ones, before I took the photo but the next lot were just as delicious. I love radishes and grew up eating them often in the South of France, where I spent my childhood. If you didn’t like radishes, then you would just starve.

My French grandfather introduced me to the wonders of sliced radishes, on buttered crispy french bread with a dash of salt. Simple and satisfying. For anyone who is challenged by growing vegetables, radishes are fool proof. As long as the garden bed is rich and nicely turned, all you have to do is make a little trench and sprinkle in a few seeds.

If you have some sand handy, mix a handful of it in a cup with the seeds and then pour them out slowly. It can prevent overcrowding and help the mighty radish become strong and plumper. It also helps to water the area whenever you can.

Part II of the Naughtiest Shortbread Recipe

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Naughtiest Shortbread Recipe

As a Christmas present, I made some shortbread the day before Christmas for my dear friend Nick Valensi of The Strokes, who loves cookies. I made him his own batch, and when they were cooled off enough, I filled up two large glass jars that I had recycled. They used to be full of raw Organic honey, of which I believe I have worked my way through over the past couple of months. Gasp. That’s a lot of honey.

Anyway, the large jars were so nice and were the perfect eco friendly and non toxic gift to give Nick and his lovely young family, who are all eco conscious and anti plastic, like myself. I packed the two jars in a recycled box, full of lemons from a tree in my backyard, as padding between the glass containers. I have a feeling that the cookies were polished off by Christmas morning…

Let me count the ways I love Gnomes

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Gnome Egg Cozies

Ever since I can remember, I have loved Gnomes. In the summers I spent in Maine when I was little, I even used to build Gnome and Fairy homes in the woods near my father’s house. So Gnomes and I go way back. When I became a mother, I could also get away with indulging my Gnome thing by buying for my daughters, Gnome books and any ones that featured relatives of Gnomes, to be found in the delightful series of books by Jan Brett, featuring mischievous trolls, for example.

Then, a few months ago, I came across the Gnome egg cozy, along with its companions, the Chicken, Rabbit, Dog and Penguin. They are made of felt and are adorable. All my friends who have seen them have literally squealed with delight at the sight of the Gnome and company. I have visions of a family or group of friends, coming into their kitchen in the morning, to find someone has made soft boiled eggs for them, placed those same eggs in egg cups and kept warm by the different egg cozies. It would be gorgeous, magical and fun as well. The Gnome is humorous looking too, with it’s extra long pointed cap and fuzzy white beard.

The egg cozies are made by a women’s cooperative in the Khatmandu valley, outside the capitol city of Nepal. Wool remants from the carpet industry are used, and the women rub the wool fibers on a screen submerged in water, until the fibers bind together. This is a very labour intensive process and can take many hours to produce enough felt to create these unique egg cozies.